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Take better Travel Pictures, Tip # 1

Use the light in mornings and late afternoon

You probably know the yellow "Geographical Magazine". If you browse through its colorful pages you can see that many of the pictures are taken in the low, warm light of mornings and late afternoons or evenings. The photographers of Geographical Magazine are among the best we have. You can easily mimic this practice and create much more interesting pictures than most people bring home from travels.

The low light will model the landscape you see for your eyes, so for example the plough furrows or differences in topography and texture are highlighted. As a travelling photographer myself I know, that even on a photographic mission time is limited and your circumstances are often less that optimal. I can recommend you to take the pictures you must take during the day. And then take a walk around your hotel or campground before breakfast and shoot additional pictures in this special light - and try to do the same during the last two hrs. before sunset. In that way you will combine the best possibilities.

Low light also gives long shadows, so be careful with these. Normally you should not expect parts of a picture to show up properly in both shadows and in full sunlight. If you use colorslide films these might cover the full spectrum, but if you want to have paper prints this medium will not be able to show the details of both the sunlit and the shadows. So in the printing process we have to choose which part of the picture to give priority. In practice you should avoid the heavy shadows. When you shoot your photos in cities the big buildings are among the difficult objects. So take them from an angle without the big shadows.

If you follow these instructions I am sure that the appeal of your pictures will increase. Please give me feed back on your success and your eventual problems using these techniques.

Have good travels and enjoy your travel photography.

Soren Breiting

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